Makeup Service

  • Bridal Hair do ( 1 h )Rs. 1000 
  • Bridal Make up ( 2 h )Rs. 5500 

    Saree draping, Hair do

  • Bridal Make up MAC ( 2 h )Rs. 8000 

    Saree draping, Hair do

  • Hair Do ( 30 min )Rs. 700 
  • Makeup ( 1 h )Rs. 900 
  • Makeup MAC ( 1 h )Rs. 1500 
  • Party Makeup ( 1 h )Rs. 1600 

    Saree draping, Hair do

  • Party Makeup MAC ( 1 h )Rs. 2800 

    Saree draping, Hair do

  • Saree Draping ( 30 min )Rs. 300 

Minimum order should be of Rs. 500/-

We all are concerned about makeup specially on our wedding day! Its important to keep your skin flawless and healthy as well. Also waking up with pimple on your face is the worst feeling in the world specially before your wedding day. You can hide all those blemishes with makeup and some natural remedies as well.

Wedding is such a important day for every bride in the world. A month prior to the wedding GLOWUP Offers customized packages like O3 facial, Rica waxing, Body polishing.

One thing makes GLOWUP special is that we provide free trial for hair do and saree draping. So one can be sure who will be coming to their place on wedding day. When the makeup artist visit your place for trial they carry all disposals and vanity makeup kit along with them.

As long as makeup is considered their rates are also cheap so entire family, relatives can also decide to go for siders makeup with GLOWUP.

GLOWUP pampered session will make your wedding day a memorable day.

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