Master the art of Bridal Makeup at home With These 7 Tips

Master the art of Bridal Makeup at home With These 7 Tips

Master the art of Bridal Makeup at home With These 7 Tips

Becoming a master in doing makeup or in anything needs time and effort. So what kind of effort you required to art and of bridal makeup at home. You need to be deterministic and well planned and quietly focus the point below as given.

Tips are

You need to spend the maximum time getting your skin perfect using primer, foundation and concealer (explained in the next step). Start by applying the primer over all textured areas on your face—including breakouts, uneven surfaces, and even those tiny wrinkles around the eyes and lips achat de viagra online. Use an oil-free foundation if you feel you need more coverage. If not, just apply a tinted moisturizer using your fingers in a circular motion from your face down to your neck, and you can have a look that approaches

Secret blemishes that are! Use a highly pigmented cream concealer for visible blemishes and broken blood vessels. Focus on the under-eye area, nose and any other red spots. But avoid taking it on as concealer has light-reflecting pigments which will look ghostly in pictures. Important tip: Always pat the concealer on your skin instead of rubbing it in.

Add structure to your face by contouring with a brown matte shade which is darker than your skin color. When you suck in your cheeks, you’ll see the hollows, apply the contouring product there and blend. Next, highlight using a shimmering powder on the T-zone and cheekbones. Your skin will glow when the camera light falls on it.

Use an eye shadow base to hold down the eye makeup. Look for neutral eye shadow shades in browns, gold’s and bronzes. None of the peacock stuff. Use a light shadow color all over the eye, a medium color on the crease and add more eye shadow to the corners of the eye for extra effect. Here’s a “how to do Indian bridal makeup at home” tip: Use a shimmery color to highlight your brow bone.

Use a black or brown kajal for your waterline. Then apply a gel or liquid eyeliner. For added drama create a cat or winged eye at the corner. Curl your lashes and apply three coats of waterproof mascara, unless you want to use false lashes. Fill in the natural line of your eyebrows with a shade closest to your hair color using a liner and brow powder—pay maximum attention to the ends of the brows.

Always apply blush on the apples of your cheeks, at a two to three finger distance from your nose. You don’t want to add redness to your face unnecessarily. For a natural blush, swipe in a check mark motion.

Use a lip treatment to hydrate your lips and erase hard lines. Fill in color almost to the edge of your lips and then use a liner to shape and seal the color in. Do NOT smack your lips together, no matter how much you want to; this makes the application look uneven.

You’ll need a loose translucent dusting powder to set your make-up once you’re done. A light-reflecting setting power will blend your entire look and make it look even and complete

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