A Letter From A Daughter To Her Father On Her Wedding Day

Daughters are reflection of their father.There is always a special bond between a father and daughter as father has been always the first love of every women’s life.And, she is always a little princess to him.

Heart touching letter from a daughter to her father on wedding day

Dear loving Papa,

The big day has come and I know its so much you want to say to your little girl.Today seems the perfect day for everyone but I only know what’s going on in your mind.Although it’s the happiest day for both of us but it also comes with heavy heart. Until it was all about you & me but the day has come and you have to share me.

Papa, it’s just few hours away when I would become someone’s wife but my mind is filled with all memories of 24 amazing years of my life that I spent with you.The little girl still exists, and she is always going to need you daddy. Just because I will be married doesn’t mean I won’t be your little girl .Father is always the first love of a women’s life.

Papa,I always looked up to you,tried to be like you.You are the most influential person in my life so far. You’ve taught me how to be an honest person who stands up for my beliefs. You’ve shown me how to respect others and challenge myself. You’ve taught me how important it is to do my best and to never be upset with the results if I do.

Also I remember When I was sick and crying all night ,you gave up your sleep after a long working day.I am truly blessed to be the daughter of a perfect daddy. Childhood has been the most beautiful phase of my life. You gave me all the freedom to do whatever I wished to do. You let me free to play till I was tired, to read till I felt bored, to eat till I was full and to sleep till I came out of my dreams

I know that my surname would change from now. But my first name will always reflect my identity as your daughter. I am entering a new family for sure, but from now on I have two families to share my happiness with.

Thank you may be a very small word I can say but still I want to.

Thank you for the everything you done for me & loving me unconditionally!

Always Your Daughter

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