7 creative ways you can improve your spa services at home in Mumbai

The web has constantly changed the ways we peruse buying products and now even services! We can buy any service just in few clicks?  Sounds Convenient? Well can we get the service delivered to us and expect the same satisfaction if we would have been at the service area? Well many think no! But hey there are possibilities too.

Spa services It is itself a bliss, and spa services at home is a blessing in disguise!  Why go to spa? When spa can come to you? Yes, but then the fear of them being not up to the mark also dances on our head! We all think that not every spa machine or service can be brought home. But what if I assure you 7 creative ways to improve your spa service at home in Mumbai which will surely change your mind regarding this forever!


Freebie, a classic technique – We stay in India, freebies have always been our favorite thing. If someone offers you freebie with any service we don’t only just buy the service but also love it eventually. Freebies are eye catching marketing strategies. And when it comes to spa, extra of something good is way better then cherry on the cake.

Appreciate and thank your customers – Appreciate your customers, hey! Everyone likes to get appreciated, and every human being has good things in their buckets. Appreciate their efforts to know spa service at home. Say thank you to the new customers to give you guys a shot. Well if this is not impactful, I don’t understand what else can be?

Check in with customers – Customers should not only be for once, make sure you are up with a policy where once a customer is a lifelong member. Build a relationship, have constant checks on them that if they need spa service at home in Mumbai and have been missing on them for some reason. Remind them that their skin is delicate and they need you, show care towards them.

Be proactive – Proactive? Well this means anticipate and participate in the customer’s decision of what kind of services he should go for. Guide them with what they can need in the near future. A little suggestion is never harmful; they will surely give a thought on your suggestions. Tell them pro and cons of every service bind them with your relationship skills.


Mannerism- Chances are the customers won’t be interactive or sweet or maybe just bad mood. You dine them with your sweetness; even a smallest attack can melt them. Do not give up so soon! Make sure when you wind up the session, you have built a strong relation already.


Discounts – Not all the spa services at home in Mumbai though, but many services have employee discounts, give your beloved customers a small part of your discount to make them feel special. This connects you with them and they will surely only call you the next time.

Offers/ combos and everything – Combination of different offers have and has been the best part of any service. Spa services at home in Mumbai with combinations and offers are unique and people love to have different services in just one rate and at a time. Make sure the rates are reasonable and attractive.



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